I have Kubernetes, now what?


Standing up a Kubernetes cluster is just the beginning.

What do you do next?

We will explore tips and tricks for how to structure a successful Kubernetes evaluation inside your organization.

The talk will end with live demos of open source software that helps make Kubernetes easier, including: – Workflow, the easiest way to manage 12-factor apps on Kubernetes – Helm, the Kubernetes package manager.

¿Quién es el ponente?

Gabriel Monroy

Gabriel Monroy is the CTO and creator of Deis. As an early contributor to Docker and Kubernetes, Gabriel has deep experience with containers in production and frequently advises organizations on PaaS, distributed systems, and cloud native architectures. Gabriel speaks regularly at industry events including DockerCon, CoreOS Fest, Tectonic Summit, KubeCon, and QCon.


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