Carlo Scarioni.

Carlo Scarioni As a passionate software developer, motivated by learning and applying innovative and interesting software development tools, techniques and methodologies, my professional objectives are the following. To be in a technology oriented enterprise where the technical staff is the soul of the company. To be in an important IT team. Be able to design and develop state of the art software. Be able to apply new knowledge everyday, on innovative ways and with a great degree of freedom. To architect, design and develop software that uses the best practices of the field. Play with the latest technologies, learn everyday and participate in the research and innovation of the software products. I'm really into Agile practices mainly TDD and Pair Programming. I love making my best to achieve the cleanest possible code, putting a lot of value on readability and conciseness. So i try to be in constant learning of the best ways to solve problems, the ways to apply patterns and practices to achieve my development goals.

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